About my work.. (drawings)

Other then my paintings, my drawings reveal a world that ‘s a great deal more alike to ours. Objects, persons and situations often turn out to be recognizable, and its part within a bigger story is much clearer. Yet again, the way of creating them lies not so far from the way I construct my paintings, since it ‘s still based on semi-automatic drawing.

What I try to become is the following.

First of all, every component present in the picture appears to be totally forced into it (following the line I’m drawing), but can at the same time appear very natural and even necessary for the drawing as a complete and balanced image. Usually, not every element of the composition will be totally identifiable, which can only pinpoint the theatric looks and the estrangement from our everyday life. Because of this, the spectator becomes both the witness, and the analyst.

The second outcome of this drawing mode is situation based. As I myself am (while drawing) a bystander of a story practically creating itself, I merely (but nevertheless intensively) embody the part of decision maker in how the image evolves and when it stops. Next to this however, I can’t help the input of parts of my everyday life. These realistic aspects combined with the utterly irrational touch, which tends to ridicule the seriousness of the matter, result in an interesting, amusing, charming, but also alienating, and sometimes psychotically scary experience of the world that inhabits my drawings.

Things I surely find important and crucial in these images align with thoughts about being human, having an everyday life, and then implementing it with a grand distortion in its normality. Thus, people I create, are mentally disrupted, have a disfigured social life, are full with incontrollable movements, and find their (sexual) pleasure in the most bizarre actions. They come to life within a very eclectic, chaotic and blurry world without any morally or physically defined borders, an environment wherein it’s normal for everyone to do as they please. Sometimes a ‘normal’ person is placed in that context and immediately becomes frustrated like hell. In total, the drawings tend to question boundaries between normality and abnormality, control and surrender, psychological twists and reason, and between the components of social behavior in general.